She can. She did. I can. I’m…. in the process of trying let’s say…

So it’s officially been 9 days since I sat down at my kitchen table, opened my laptop on a fairly dreary August Monday morning, and fully committed myself to this little project that I’m calling She can. She did.

Having quit my job of three years at the end of July (that sounds rather dramatic I know- if it helps I worked my three months’ notice period like a responsible adult first), I’ve been putting off, as I do with most important things in my life- writing this first blog post. After putting on two lots of washing however, downing a much-needed double shot of caffeine and accepting the fact that my first interview is in two days so I really need to get cracking with this, the laptop is open for business and I’m finally typing away.

Hopefully by now you will have a good idea of what I’ve set out to do with She can. She did. so I won’t give you the spiel all over again (in case you don’t though, the answer can be found here). Instead, I thought I’d give you a little insight into where my head’s been at over the past few days.

Dangerous, I know, but it would get boring very quickly without a few risks every now and then right?

To say that my emotions have been on a pretty steep rollercoaster in the past fortnight would be an understatement (apologies owed here to loved ones who’ve seen it play out in action). My old job, with its steady income and familiar routine quickly became so appealing. So what if it wasn’t my dream job? I was comfortable there. I knew what I was doing. It was safe.

All of a sudden, the safety blanket of my big corporate career has been pulled out beneath me (yes I was the one to pull it out but roll with me here…) and I’ve instead been faced with the somewhat daunting prospect of having to convince complete strangers (who happen to all be, in their own right, extremely successful women with their own extremely successful companies) that they should give up their valuable time to have a quick chat with the random blogger who has no blogs to show for herself.  You can see why I was nervous I hope.

And yet, having reached out to a number of these ladies now, I’ve never felt so excited about a project in my life.

When the first email came back agreeing to be interviewed, I actually squealed. And then the second came through, and the third etc… Whilst you’ll be pleased to know I’ve reigned the squealing in since then, that feeling of complete and utter relief and excitement that other women believe in this project and are willing to share their story with me has not gone away.

So if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt- in my oh so impressive nine days of experience- it’s that yes, my old job paid the bills and was a safe bet, hell, it even gave me a free eye test if I wanted one, but that little squeal- the one that I got when the successful business woman who I will be interviewing in the coming weeks came back and confirmed that she believed in She can. She did. – my old job didn’t give me that. And that little squeal, in my opinion, is so worth risking it all for.

So if you, like me, are in search of some much needed career inspiration, stick with me here.

There’s some seriously talented women out there doing some seriously talented things and lucky for us, they’ve agreed to let the blogger with no blog posts help to share their stories.

It’s going to get interesting. I really hope you enjoy it xx

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  • You are a very brave young lady, and I have no doubt the future will be very exciting.

    Steve Warboys
    • Thank you Steve! This means a lot!

  • Dearest FiFi! I’m as inexperienced a blog reader as you say you are a blogger but I love your first and can see that I will be hooked from here on in! We wish you all the luck in the world with your new venture Fi and are sure that it will be a huge success. With much love from your Dorset ‘family’! Xxx

    • We can hold each other’s hands Helen! Thank you so much, means so much that you enjoyed it! Sending big hugs xx


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