The She can. She did. podcast trailer… launching on Wednesday 30th January!

After  months of talking to you all about switching over from written interviews to podcast chats, I’m relieved to say that I’ve finally got my act into gear and have spent the past few days hidden behind my laptop screen, trying desperately to learn how to record, edit and publish this thing! For those of you that have followed along on my Instagram stories, you’ll know that technology and I haven’t always seen eye to eye in recent days (!) but fingers crossed this should give you a good idea about what the She can. She did. podcast series will involve when it launches this Wednesday…

If you fancy listening along each week as I sit down and chat to some of the UK’s most inspiring female founders, please do subscribe to the She can. She did. podcast on Apple podcasts and be sure to tune in when the first episode goes live on Wednesday 30th January!

I really do hope you enjoy listening and speak soon! Fi xx

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