A spotlight on: Valentina Milanova, Founder of DAYE
Valentina Milanova Founder of DAYE

It’s hard enough launching a business in your home country as it is but add language and cultural barriers into the mix and as I’m sure you’ll soon hear, it becomes a whole lot tougher…  

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I knew from the moment I saw DAYE’s branding that there would be a seriously savvy Founder behind it … and 26 year old Valentina Milanova didn’t disappoint.

Having moved to the UK from Bulgaria to launch DAYE – the female health research and development company best known for its organic and CBD infused tampons – Valentina has pushed through an immense number of challenges to bring her vision for DAYE to life.

From convincing her friends to test homemade tampons in the early days and the lengthy steps she took to ensure that DAYE exceeds manufacturing standards thereafter; to the painful journey she endured to secure investment – quite literally at one point – to the challenges she’s faced navigating British culture, not just on professional level but a personal one too, this is Valentina’s (bloody amazing… no pun intended..!) story so far.

 Listen to Valentina’s story in full here:

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