WE CAN. WE WILL. – Responding to Covid-19 with Jenna Meek, Founder of Shrine

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After what can only described as one of the most bizarre weeks to be in business, on Friday afternoon last week, I had my first Zoom call with Jenna Meek, the founder of SHRINE (formerly known as The Gypsy Shrine) – the disruptive cosmetic brand that Jenna launched on the back of festival culture in 2016 that has a product range stocked in multiple stores worldwide that spans everything from face jewels and glitter ranges worn by everyone from Paris Hilton to the cast of Love Island to her newly launched range of DIY hair dye kits with the world’s first hair dye dropper that allows you to create the exact shade you want.

Two days prior to this recording, owing to the escalating threat that the coronavirus presents, it was announced that Glastonbury Festival here in the UK had been cancelled and earlier this month Coachella has been postponed until later in the year. Two of the biggest dates in the SHRINE annual Calendar.

Proving that We can. and We will. get through this together, this is Jenna’s response to the outbreak so far…

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Please do keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to Jess MacIntyre and Natalie Moores, Co-Founders of Mac & Moore…


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