WE CAN. WE WILL. Responding to Covid-19 with Kate Halfpenny, Founder of HALFPENNY LONDON

Kate Halfpenny Halfpenny London

Where do I start with how much I admire the legendary lady that is Kate Halfpenny!?

From her impeccable taste in glasses (I have serious frame envy!) to her simply exquisite wedding dress designs and as of a few months ago, bridesmaids attire too, I’ve admired everything that Kate has created in Halfpenny London from pretty much day one of launching She can. She did. Whilst I haven’t been to the Halfpenny London boutique, the ten year old Parent Trap fan in me that used to swoon over how truly British Elizabeth James’s bridal brand felt in the movie, can’t help but draw parallels every time I get a glimpse of the boutique online too!

Self-funded from the outset, having launched in 2005, Kate now leads a team of 13, has styled everyone from Kate Moss to Emilia Fox and her designs are cherished by brides worldwide.

Given that the wedding industry has been turned on its head in recent days however, with weddings being cancelled all over the country, I chatted to Kate on Tuesday afternoon to find out what impact the coronavirus has already had on Halfpenny London, not just from a business perspective but also as a Mum of one too…

Whether you’re a business owner, a bride-to-be or a Mum yourself, I hope you find what she has to say as encouraging as I did…

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Please do keep an eye out for next week’s episodes too, in which I’ll be chatting to more of the UK’s most inspiring female founders about how they’re coping behind the scenes and adapting their business models to survive the COVID-19 storm…

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