We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Rosie Davies-Smith, Founder of LFA and PR Dispatch

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If the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on businesses in recent weeks has reinforced anything for me, it’s that resilience and grit are key if you’re going to survive in business and over the past few weeks, even though I already knew she possessed those qualities in abundance, Rosie has proved herself to be one of the strongest women I know…

As the Founder of two PR-based businesses, LFA and PR Dispatch (I’ll leave Rosie to explain the difference between the two on this recording), in the space of just three days last month, Rosie lost 80% of her clients at LFA (at the time of this recording on Monday, that stat sits at 90%) and in her own words, within days had no choice but to adopt ‘business survival mode’. Having become a Mum for the first time seven weeks ago too – a period that alone is often cited as one of the most overwhelming chapters in mothers’ lives – and responsible for two teams on top of that too, this is how the past few weeks have played out for Rosie and what ‘business survival mode’ has involved in reality behind the scenes…




Should you wish to read/listen to Rosie’s whole business story in more detail, please feel free to read our chat back in 2017 here or listen to our chat from last year on the original episodes of the She can. She did. podcast here.

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Please do keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to another of the UK’s most inspiring female founders – the incredible Sarah Richards, Founder of Girls That Scuba and A Waste Free World – about how she’s coping behind the scenes and her advice for fellow female founders who are trying to adapt their business model to survive the COVID-19 storm too…

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