WE CAN. WE WILL. – Responding to Covid-19 with Jess MacIntyre and Natalie Moores, Co-Founders of Mac + Moore

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Given that marketing/PR/advertising spend is commonly one of the first budgets to be cut during periods of economic uncertainty, I thought it would be beneficial for so many of you that are running service-based businesses to hear from my good friends and two of the smartest women I know, Jess MacIntyre and Natalie Moores, Co-Founders of Mac + Moore.

Having launched their plug-in marketing consultancy (that considers the likes of NOW TV, The British Library and numerous female-founded companies as clients) back in 2016 after both finding themselves on the streets of London with wine in hand at 11am having both just been made redundant, it’s safe to say that these two know a thing or two about making the very best our of a bad situation!

On Saturday morning, the three of us caught up on Zoom so that I could pick their brains for advice for each and every one of us and find out what they’ve prioritised as business owners to ensure that Mac + Moore weathers the Covid-19 storm…


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Please do keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to Cath Jones, Founder of Sadler Jones

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