A spotlight on: Emily and Danielle, Co-Founders of Wells and Maguire
Wells and Maguire

If you, like me, get abnormal amounts of pleasure from roaming the aisles of Homesense and dreaming about designing your ideal home (just me!?) this week’s guests are right up your street! Why? Because they’re the incredibly talented duo behind Wells and Maguire –  the high end interior design studio covering London, Wales and the South of England that Emily Holder and Danielle Marsh set up after becoming frustrated by agency life.

Specialising in bespoke interiors for private clients and developers at some seriously swoon worthy town houses and mansions – if you want some dreamy interior inspo FYI, I would highly recommend looking at the Wells and Maguire portfolio – I caught up with Emily and Danielle a few weeks back to discuss what the realities of running an interior design company look and feel like behind the scenes.

From how they’ve dealt with not-so-supportive comments and actions from former acquaintances and their advice should you find yourself in a similar position; how they handle the jobs that don’t quite go to plan to ensure that their reputation and high standards are always upheld; to how their partnership really came into its own when Emily suffered a devastating loss in her personal life, their honesty throughout this chat is what She can. She did. is all about and for that reason, I hope it provides you with a whole lot of comfort and inspiration, should you need it, going forward…

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